Fleet Nova

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Introduces The First Management App for Geotab Resellers


Mobile Ready

Keep an eye on your clients in or out of the office. The app is designed to fit on desktops, phones, tablets, and TV displays.

Very Cloudy

Fleet Nova connects to your Geotab Federated servers to fetch various client data to be analyzed. The processed data is securely saved on our cloud servers for easy access without any IT involvement.

Automated Tasks

Use Fleet Nova to create, edit, or delete MyGeotab users across all or a select number of clients.

Thoughtful Design

We hate waiting for loading wheels so we optimized Fleet Nova for speed first, aesthetics second.

Insightful Metrics

Fleet Nova calculates various high level performance metrics and KPIs to help you better manage your Geotab reseller business.

Native Security

We know how sensitive your data is. We encrypt all data during transmission and storage and we'll never share it with anyone.

A Dashing Dashboard

Not just a pretty face. Fleet Nova’s dashboard helps you track actionable metrics for your reseller business. Quickly see how many vehicles are not reporting to Geotab across all your clients or which clients have not logged into MyGeotab for a while. Have another measure in mind you want to track? No problem. Explain it to us on a napkin and we’ll add it for you.

Complete Vehicle Health Check
Run the "Watch Dog Report" across all clients!

The WatchDog Report in MyGeotab lets you see which GO units are not reporting GPS data back to Geotab. The problem is you can only run it on one database at a time. Fleet Nova allows you to run the WatchDog report across all or a selection of databases. You can then proactively contact your clients to schedule a tech visit.

Command & Conquer
Add a MyGeotab user across all your clients.

You may sometimes want to add an internal support user for all client databases. You have two options, add the user in each database one at a time or use Fleet Nova to do the same job in a fraction of the time. Simply fill out the new user form and select the target databases. Fleet Nova will also let you change passwords and delete users on mass.

Turnkey Setup

Setup is fast and free. Try Fleet Nova for 7 days. Email us at info@fleetnova.com to setup your trial account.


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